Screen Porch

The Beloved Screen Porch.

ALL NEW FURNITURE!!!! Photos to come.

This is where we spend all of our time.  We sanded and painted this whole set to where it looks brand new.  The screens are all new and perfect with no holes.  It will get you through the buggiest night without an issue.  We put up a nice large ceiling fan replacing the high, small one from before.  Now, most nights, it’s the coolest place in the house on a summer evening.  We have 4 big seats with extra seating for another 4.  The porch is at the back of the house off the kitchen back door. It is surrounded completely with trees and feels completely private.  We eat, drink and play out here every vacation.  There is also an outside, screen door leading to a small, open porch.  This is where we keep the gas grill.

From Coffee in the Morning Until Drinks at Night.

Brand New Gas Grill.  We just bought this last season and used it once a day.  Basic design you’ve seen in 100 houses.  We fill up the gas bottle at the beginning of each season.  That’s all I can guarantee.  In theory, it should last a season, but you should really test it.  I’ll be looking to put a gauge on this year to see how much gas is inside.  Will need a warning before it is empty.  There is nothing more depressing and a planned barbq that fails because of gas.

Fire Pit and Back Yard. In the back of the house, there is a small area surrounded by trees.  You’ll find a Green Wagon there.  That’s a great way to bring chairs and coolers down to the beach.  You’ll also find 4 nice Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.  Buy some wood on the way into Moultonborough and burn it here on cool nights.  Great place to roast marshmallows and drink a beer.

Sun Deck on the Front.  Between the living room and dining room, there is a large, sliding glass door.  This leads to a sun deck that runs the entire length of the house.  There are 4 Adirondack chairs out here.  There are less trees in the front.  This is a good place to catch a tan if you want.  For me, I use it when it’s a cool day and I want to let the sun warm me in the mid-afternoon.  When it’s used for skiing, guys in full gear will sit out there and catch the rays.  It’s brilliant place to hang out.  No screen or roof.  Just wide open.

Excellent Afternoon Sun.


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