Living Room

My Favorite Room

The living room is the center of action most nights when it’s cool outside.   We turn on the gas furnace in the fireplace and spend the whole night talking.  The first season, we did not have the cable TV or WIFI.  It didn’t bother me at all. But after a few guest requests, we had it installed.  It’s quite nice to kill time, but not totally necessary.  Just have enjoying your friends and families company is the best part of being at the lake.

Features of the Living Room:

-New Overstuffed Sofa.  I’ve slept here more than once.  Durable but comfortable.  Brand new Ethan Allan.

Comfortable Ethan Allan Sofa

-Two New Ethan Allan Leather Swivel Chairs. Soft, dark leather for relaxing near the window and reading a book by the fireplace.

My Reading Chairs. Leather Ethan Allan

-Two seat bench for additional people to join the crowd in the living room.

-LCD TV, 24 inches on an extended arm for full room viewing. With remote control.

-DVD player for movie watching.

-Library of 100 DVD movies and TV series.  All kinds of titles to choose from.

-VCR in case you have some old tapes laying around.  I didn’t throw this away because it still works.

-Cable TV.  Get all the regular cable channels with over 180 choices.

-DVR cable box with menu remote.  If you want to rewind or pause live action, it’s available.  Record shows from the graphical menu.

-Broadband, WIFI internet access.  Includes a router with 3 LAN cables if you want a direct connection.

-Gas fireplace furnace for heat and glowing light.

We did a very simple living room renovation.   Painted all the walls a pleasant neutral color that is relaxing and fits the mountain cottage theme.  We also put up new artwork.  Black and white pictures of snowy scenes along one wall. 

More pictures. Hope this gives you a good sense of the place.

View of Living Room and Dining Room Together

Full View Top to Bottom

Quiet Place


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