View of the Kitchen Counter. That Stove Has Been Replaced!

This is a fully functioning kitchen that should have any tool you need to make any meal you like.  Everything is in working order and new or almost new.  We use everything every summer so it’s tested and reliable.  We have a small counter area, cabinets and draws below and cabinets above.  We repainted everything.  Here are some of the details for the kitchen:

Brand New Stove with Oven bought in 2011.  The old one had an eye that did not work.  This one is new and perfect.

Refrigerator.  Standard size and design.  Just like the refrigerator you have at home more than likely.

Coffee Maker.  One the cabinet next to the back door, you’ll see a coffee maker.  In the storage area below, you’ll find the right filters for the size.  Bring your favorite ground coffee up with you.  Or you can buy coffee at any store on the road on the way up. 

Toaster.  For toast and bagels in the morning.

Full Set of Plates and Glasses.  In the cabinets above the counter are a complete set of plates. Large, small and bowls.  Think it’s enough for 8 people.  There are also many glasses and coffee cups.

Full Set of Silverware.  In the drawers below the counter, you’ll find silverware for 8 people.  Forks, knives, table and tea spoons.  You’ll also find cutting knives for meat, bread and fruit.  Look in all the draws and you’ll find all the cooking tools as well including spatulas, tongs and mixing spoons.

Pots and Pans.  We’ve got a standard set of pots and pans that most any house would maintain to do standard baking.  Cookie sheets, cake pans and anything you need.  Skillets and frying pans for breakfast and any time.

Full Clothes Washer and Dryer.  In the closet in the back of the kitchen, there is an up-and-down washer and drying.  We usually leave a good amount of washing soap as well, but can’t guarantee there will be enough.  Other guests might use it before you.  Bring whatever you use to wash clothes.

This is not a complete list.  Always good to go through the cabinets and drawers when you arrive to make sure we have what you need.  I leave salt, pepper and other dry condiments around, but better to bring some if you really need it…or you can buy it close by.  You can assume though that if it’s in a normal house, it’s also here. 

The Back Door to the Screen Porch. The Closet on the Left has the Washer and Dryer.

The Cabinet with Coffee Maker and Toaster. Look in Here for Bar BQ Cooking Tools.

Side of the Kitchen Coming from the Dining Room

A Last, Good Picture of the Kitchen. Important Room!


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