Games for Family Fun!

Games Cabinet in the Dining Room

This past summer, a hurricane came through New England.  It dumped a lot of rain on the cottage and took the power out for several hours.  Over the rainy week, my guest asked if I had any games.  I knew I did, but didn’t know which ones.

On my current visit, I inventoried all my games.  Once I knew what I had, I went shopping to add some more.  Now I think we have a pretty good collection to keep any family busy during a long rainy spell.  Here is what we have:











-Poker Chips


-Three Card Decks

-Crayons and Colored Pencils

All these games are in the cabinet next to the dining room table.  They’ve all been cleaned and checked for complete parts.  Hope they stay that way throughout the season.  Go ahead and  enjoy.

There are also some candles inside that cabinet.  If you do have a power failure again, you can use those candles.  It is rare, but just in case.  It gets very dark out there.


About Brian Hachez

Black Belt Consultant for Lean Six Sigma projects and programs. Banking and Risk expert for developing markets. Banking and Risk automation expertise.
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