Summer Starts Now!

New Aircon. A Thing of Beauty!

The vacation season has started! I blocked of Memorial Day weekend for my family. My mother, brother and grandparents spent the weekend in the cottage and opened it up for the season. There was a lot of cleaning since we had done some renovation during the office season. The biggest renovation was the air conditioner installation. Happy to say everything is installed and fully tested. Nice, new, efficient furnace blowing warm air at night. And of course, cool air in every bedroom with the air conditioner on. The family actually used it. It was a little warm in New Hampshire this weekend. My family also tested all the different systems around the house. The cable and WIFI are hooked up and in working order. The clothes washer and dryer run well. Our refrigerator was plugged in, cleaned and run to make sure it still keeps things cold. We did find out that the stove is not working consistently. We’ll make sure it’s repaired before our first guests arrive. Everything will be in working order before the end of the weekend. Whatever is not working will be fixed on the spot. When they leave, the place will be clean and fresh and in great condition. My vacation time is also blocked off. I’ll be staying at the cottage from October 1st to October 15th. This is when the peak of the foliage usually arrives. That is the greatest time to be up there [after 4th of July that is]. The air starts to get crisp and cold. The leaves will be the finest red and gold and orange. Better than anywhere in the world. I’m really looking forward to it.


About Brian Hachez

Black Belt Consultant for Lean Six Sigma projects and programs. Banking and Risk expert for developing markets. Banking and Risk automation expertise.
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