AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Installed this week.

Installing Central Air!

We’re always looking to keep the house updated and very comfortable for ourselves and our guests. This spring when we opened the cottage, we decided to update the furnace.  But then, we remembered how hot it was last year during the July holiday.  A record-breaking heatwave. So we thought, if we’re going to replace the furnace, why don’t we add air conditioning too?  Air conditioning isn’t too common in the area (as very few people feel they need it, given the generally cool weather), but now our lake house has it!

So that’s what’s happening this week.  We are getting a brand new furnace and central air. It seems to be getting hotter and hotter in July and August.  Think this will make things very comfortable for my guests and me, no matter how warm summer gets.  This is mostly for the upstairs.  We will probably keep the vents closed downstairs most of the time.  It stays cool down there all summer no matter what the temperature is outside.  We don’t want to turn it into a freezer.  But upstairs, it will stay lovely and cool all summer.  Even on the hottest days.  So this is my big upgrade this year.  I try to do one each season.  Next year, I’ll be looking at the windows.  Maybe something greener and more energy efficient. We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted as everything happens.  Enjoy our newest feature.


About Brian Hachez

Black Belt Consultant for Lean Six Sigma projects and programs. Banking and Risk expert for developing markets. Banking and Risk automation expertise.
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