Warning!!! — Speed Trap!

Watch Your Speed!

Do not speed on any part of the drive once you get off I-93.  The police around here are very sensitive and not afraid to write a ticket.  I don’t think they have a lot of crime around this town so this is where the action comes from.  The very worst is in Moultonborough itself.  It’s famous.  Once you cross the Moultonborough city limits near the school, there is a big downhill slope.  Your car will almost break the speed limit without touching the gas!  Don’t!  The police are always there.  They never miss a chance to give a ticket.  I guarantee this one.  Don’t get caught.  You will see other unlucky visitors lined up there.


About Brian Hachez

Black Belt Consultant for Lean Six Sigma projects and programs. Banking and Risk expert for developing markets. Banking and Risk automation expertise.
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