Facebook Advertising

I’ve just figured out how to make a Facebook ad.  You know those little spots on the right side of your Facebook pages?  I’ve got one of them.  I chose to be seen by people in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts (of course!).  I’ve also picked people who like fishing, hiking, travel, swimming and tourism.  That gives me a population of about 1 million people!  So fast, i’ve shown up on about 300,000 peoples screens.  about 250 have clicked the ad.  Not sure how it’s working.  Most people who find me still come from HomeAway.com.  We’ll see.  I’m paying about 90 cents per click.  If i can get one booking that way, it’s worth it.  We’ll see.  If you’ve seen the ad, please let me know. 



About Brian Hachez

Black Belt Consultant for Lean Six Sigma projects and programs. Banking and Risk expert for developing markets. Banking and Risk automation expertise.
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